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About Us

Welcome to The Flourished Letter

Hello! I'm Victoria,

I started calligraphy at the beginning of my maternity leave with the view to creating my own style. I was waiting for my first baby to be born and needed something to distract me but keep me relaxed. I have always been creative and enjoyed all sorts of hobbies and crafts but as soon as I started calligraphy I was hooked. I absolutely loved it from the start and soon wanted to share my creations. The Flourished Letter has quickly become a passion and I have started to create some products to sell. 

I had lots of ideas from the start but the first products were personalised letters from Father Christmas for children and the range has broadened from there. I am always open to suggestions and commissions so if you have an idea then please get in contact.


This all started in 2020 which was a tough year for everyone and I''m sure most of us would like to forget, but not only did it bring me the start in my calligraphy adventures but also my son without whom I would not have got through the year, he is gorgeous, funny cute and just amazing. I think its easy to forget the positives when there is so much negativity around so I aim to give you a 'little love on paper' that will make you happy and something you can treasure.

Stay safe and enjoy!



T. F. L


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